About Us

STREN | Xiamen Hongji Weiye Industrial Co., Ltd, dedicates himself in developing and manufacturing lightweight, robust and great looking carbon bikes and parts since 2007. The core of its business plan is to provide outstanding customer service with new product development, guaranteed quality, reliable lead-times, and reasonable prices. Today, the company has become a reputable and value added OEM / ODM company in cycling industry. STREN employs 400+ expertise craftsmen working in two modern facilities to make 100,000 carbon parts each year. The factory has acquired the reputation for concern on QC. Also, STREN is distinguished in innovations by a strong in house R&D team and cooperating with advanced research institutions. Besides as an OEMer / ODMer for international customers, STREN markets its own brand under the WEIL labels in domestic market. It is the company’s ambition to foster long term relationships with business partners at consistent growth over decades to become the china carbon bike leader. .

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